Body-Mind Wellness Center

The Body-Mind Wellness Center is a holistic healing center at 945 Main Street, Manchester, Suite #211.
In this wellness center the mission and the earnest desire of Dr. Jan Iyengar, is to facilitate every person to achieve a stress-free mind and pain free body with a good overall health and happiness. This he wants to achieve by providing a positive environment and nurturing treatment to the body and the mind. The services provided in the center include:

• Therapeutic massage - integrating the essential features of various modalities of massage therapy such as deep tissue, Swedish relaxation, Craniosacral, Reiki, reflexology…., tailored to the need of an individual will be given by licensed massage therapists.
• Homoeopathic Consultation - for treatment of chronic ailments.
• Hypnosis - to overcome compulsive negative behaviors. Sincere efforts will be made to make a positive difference to every person in a friendly and a family type, relaxed atmosphere.

Motivational and Wellness Coaching- to reduce stress at work or family, increase confidence, to help in career advancement