A homeopathic evaluation is an opportunity for you to describe in greater depth than ever before your symptoms and concerns. Each person experiences the evaluation in a unique way. Most people find the process of deep self-exploration therapuetic and valuable in itself in terms of arriving at greater self-understanding; others experience some discomfort. Nearly everyone feels they have described their inner experience in greater depth than ever before.

Children are given a similar opportunity to talk and share. When children are patients I usually seek to speak to the patient both with and without parents present, and also seek time with just the parents.


I am deeply committed to the principles of classical homeopathy, not as a matter of dogma, but as a matter of efficacy. The methods of classical homeopathy provide the deepest healing possible.

One of the most important principles of classical homeopathy is that a single remedy is prescribed at a time. This makes sense because everything is connected. All of our symptoms express a totality, a single state, a unique way in which we become limited in our freedom, trapped in a consciousness and physical disease which has its own coherent meaning. My job is to perceive it accurately and deeply, in order to match it with the most similar homeopathic remedy. Once this remedy is taken healing takes place from within. The patient’s organism and vital force receives both the energy and information it needs to heal itself. The process of healing, unfolding from within, is a beautiful one to witness and to experience. The culmination of a good prescription is not only the resolution of physical and emotional symptoms, but an increased sense of freedom, joy, and well-being.

During follow-up sessions I will ask questions about your experience and symptoms since beginning the remedy, in order to make any needed adjustments in remedy and/or potency. Patients also have the oportunity to ask questions about treatment.